What to think off when buying a new car

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October 12, 2015
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What to think off when buying a new car

What to think of when buying a car

Posted by Uma Mahadeva 20 October 2015

Considering buying  a car? Here are a few things to consider.

When it comes time to buy a car consider the following factors before choosing:-

Engine capacity.

Due to emissions control regulations engine manufacturers are tending to produce smaller engines. They are also extracting more power out of a smaller engine with the help of intelligent engine management systems. Volkswagen Jetta (2013 onwards) and Holden Cruze are examples of this

Induction systems.

Turbo chargers, superchargers and inter cooling serve to make combustion more efficient and therefore produce more power compared to naturally aspirated engines of the same or larger capacity. 1.4 litre turbocharged engines may have the same power as 2 litre naturally aspirated engines. (Compare Mazda 3 2.0 vs Volkswagen Passat. 1.4).

Fuel type.

Diesel made a surge in the late 2000s. Its popularity rose when petrol prices rose at around the same time. The higher low end torque of diesels made it ideal for city driving and contributed to a longer range on a full tank compared to petrol. However diesels are not suitable for short runs (less than 4 km) as the cool running engine would not have had time to warm up impacting fuel efficiency. Advances in petrol engine technology have resulted in size reduction of capacity and turbo charging making the gap between petrol and diesel closer. Couple this with the higher cost of diesel cars and the difference is negligible. Electric cars or hybrids should be considered as well as they can have great fuel efficiency.

Year of manufacture.

Generally the older the car the less fuel efficient it is, the fewer features it has and recently with some cars the less trendy it looks. Having said that if you are in the market for a used car there are some gems out there.  (E.g. Camry hybrid).


As a general rule a 4 cylinder car that has done over 100000 would be due for a timing belt change and parts replacement that would. Having said that Diesel engines last a lot longer and due to the nature of diesel combustion and are in much better condition than their petrol counterparts usually. Also it’s important to look at the service history to see if it is up to date.

After sales service.

Service after sales can increase the price of the car if not factored in in the early stages. The best form of service is a fixed cost or capped price servicing. These are usually fixed for the basic service but not for parts replacement. Ensure that the make or model of car your buy does not have a history of problems that will cost a lot to repair….see Volkswagen DSG problems.

The above factors are only a rough guide into buying a car. Proper due diligence into the service and accident history has to be done, in addition to checking for theft.
The above article represents the opinions of the writer and in no way serves to replace careful research and consultation with a car sale professional. For any information on car financing contact us on the information provided below.


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