We at Objective Financial Solutions specialise in providing credit advice for residential first home owners, owner occupiers and investors. While we also cover other areas of finance we believe the focus in this speciality would position ourselves with the required knowledge and expertise to help our clients better.

This focus comes from leveraging the directors own 12 years experience in property investing and land development investing. While we understand that you wish to chart your own course to home ownership we are there to make the journey easier and clearer through our knowledge base of real world experience.

Why Choose Us


1. Tailored solutions

While we do offer credit advice for various needs, we focus on providing tailored finance solutions for first home buyers, property investors, property refinance and chattel finance needs. Every loan is different and finding the right one for you involves specialist advice.

2. Structured finance

We guide you through structuring the finance so that cashflow and tax benefits are taken into consideration in providing a solution.

3. Long term view

We work to help you choose the loan that is most appropriate for your needs and lifestyle and provides you a platform for future investments.

4. Change management

As the saying goes “the only constant is change”. We are the “go to” person to advise you on how changes to governing policy will affect lenders and how that in turn affects you.